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Creating Global Brand Growth

Making Strategies Alive

The Open Brands Center:

At OpenBrands, we believe in technology that complements and assists brand and marketing processes.

That's why OpenBrands is able to recommend a Brand and Marketing Resource Management solution, via the OpenBrand center at:

This system enables you to keep track of all the disparate strands of your many and different marketing activities (from press ads to web banners, from TV commercials to direct mail, from packaging to POS). it even incorporates a free-to-use delivery service for larger files, making the use of a Dropbox or other online delivery platforms obsolete.

The brand management system ultimately performs one basic, yet essential, function – making sure all your marketing activities run smoothly, on time, on brand, on budget, with the corrective creative and cost approval process.

Holding all up to the minute elements of the marketing mix: including strategy, brand guidelines, approved marketing materials, activity and project plans, on a single secure portal, enables you to better plan, develop, manage and execute as well as analyse and measure all your marketing activities.

You can pick and choose the functionality you need for your particular business needs.

So remember, whether you want a simple asset management, online ordering, approvals or a full blown end to end Brand Center Solution, the system is a solution which can meet your needs.

Brand Asset Management:

A 24/7 self-service portal for all your marketing requirements. The Brand Center allows you to hold all the up to the minute, elements of your marketing mix: including strategy, brand guidelines, approved marketing materials, templates, media schedules and supply chains on a single secure portal.

Storing your marketing assets in this central location means everyone – in your company, agency or suppliers, can easily find, share, reuse, distribute and archive them, thereby reducing duplication and costs and by facilitating the rapid creation and production of all collateral, communications and campaigns.

In addition, brand consistency can be assured as the latest and most up to date brand guidelines are instantly available to all parties in your marketing chain. The results are:

  • Consistency of brand execution
  • Control of artwork and brand assets
  • Improved speed to market
  • Improved cost management
  • Respond to local market changes quickly using standard tactical templates.

Specifically it allows you to:

  • Ensure consistency of brand execution – up to the minute Brand Bible available online
  • Store all your assets in one place – Comprehensive Asset Library
  • Make your assets available to all your agencies
  • Order assets from the library online
  • Control Cost: reuse assets and minimise duplication of costs and efforts
  • Company-wide sharing of marketing insights and collaboration on creative concepts via user forums
  • Automated Advertising – a tool box for local markets to produce tactical advertising.