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Creating Global Brand Growth

Making Strategies Alive

Today's situation;

what makes on-brand delivery important?


Today's economy is characterised by product commoditisation and customer disloyalty. The most successful companies are transforming into service companies becoming demand-led, not production-led.


Employees are responsible for meeting business goals not by doing their job, their way, but recognising that their job is to satisfy and delight customers and the public in a manner which is unique to their organisation.


Brand Engagement is the process of bringing the organisation, its policies, processes and people into alignment with brand values, so that they are geared around meeting customer needs.

Living ideas:

The process is designed to manage change by building awareness, understanding and acceptance, and then reinforcing and sustaining it over time.

Brands and people

have one important thing in common: change


For most people change of almost any type - not just branding programmes - will typically meet resistance.


To overcome this problem and facilitate acceptance, employees must buy into their brand through individualised communications which make the issues relevant to them and actively solicit their feedback and involvement.


Therefore change must be institutionalised: behaviours must be mapped out, monitored and measured, requiring revision to job profiles, working procedures and protocols.


A key point to notice is: A Brand Engagement programme is not asking people to subvert their personalities to the brand and we are not asking people to hymn the corporate song. A Brand Engagement programme is inviting people to appreciate that being part of something bigger is inspiring, not intimidating, and that differentiation is crucial, not cosmetic.

Asking the right questions and linking the results to organisational performance:


Getting deeper insight by asking the right questions: How evolutionary can your company be? How engaged are your employees? Where might be problems? Have you unfolded your full potential? What are the first, what the competitive symbioses to get?


We think that development is a question of perspective. Perspective to markets, processes and coherences. But mainly the perspective of and to humans. Of relations, structures and behaviours. A question of point of view, of engagement and understanding.

Manage & Evolve:

We believe, that a shared perspective is the first step to a common level. Understanding other positions and coherences is the basis for evaluating methods and instruments to frame settings.

'InTouch' - what it is and what i does:


The review of 'InTouch' provides management with a wealth of information and indicators of areas that may block or help the execution of a successful internal brand strategy implementation.


Comparison and analysis is possible across countries, subsidiaries, functions and all other relevant demographic splits that may be relevant to the organisation.

Customised and Individual:

We adapt and customise 'InTouch' to the individual company and its circumstances without loosing the intelligence in the way the results are used.

'InTouch'... by gaining a deep organisational insight ...

OpenBrands 'InTouch Survey' provides organisational insight, where the employees are measured on three behavioural aspects:

- understanding (of the key factors affecting the organisation)

- capacity (within main resource areas)

- energy (of the employees)

The understanding, capacity and energy is measured across six key resource areas of the business to create a complete picture of the organisation:

- products/services

- people

- trust

- communication

- strategy

This can all be adjusted

to specific needs.

Process overview:

'InTouch' as a catalyst for your

internal brand engagement process