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Creating Global Brand Growth

Making Strategies Alive

Social Media

Already known for developing innovative digital communications, Burberry - the leading fashion and luxury brand - recently launched their Autumn/Winter 2012 campaign across 10 social platforms, including four Chinese platforms.

The platforms used by Burberry to launch their campaigns are: Facebook, YouTube, Twitter, Google+, Instagram, Pinterest.

Furthermore in China the microblogging site Sina Welbo, social networking site Douban - Facebook clone site Kaixin001 and video hosting site Youku.

Using a smart social media campaign Burberry enlisted a British actress alongside a model and musician who wrote and performed an exclusive song called 'Indigo Blue' to use with short promotional films.

Burberry has taken the concept of a truly integrated through-the-line approach to their heart, and everything from the social media launch of their ranges to the design of their new flagship retail shop in London are based on the strategy of becoming a truly customer led retailer.

The total customer journey from the armchair at home to the armchair in-store has been implemented. The whole brand experience has become a bespoke, exclusive experience for all Burberrys customers, right down to their registered details and online history.

Embracing smart technology and social media, Burberry has successfully blurred the boundaries between the online world and the physical store.

Panasonic celebrated its Tier 1 sponsorship of the 2012 Olympic and Paralympic Games - the first ever 'social media' Olympics - with an exciting new global Facebook and mobile app. Flag Tags enabled people all over the world to 'Share The Passion' and show support for their Olympic teams.

Flag Tags enabled users to participate by simply taking their picture, applying the design of their chosen national flag and then sharing their Flag Tag with friends and family via Facebook, Twitter and email. Panasonic continued the campaign of 'Share The Passion' through strategic digital media channels and event installations, so that people all over the world could commemorate the Games in a totally innovative, never-before-seen way.

The campaign was amplified through local media and Facebook advertising. In mid-June a mobile version of Flag Tags was launched across Android and IOS devices.

The campaign combined tradition and innovation to express what the 2012 Olympics were all about. With Flag Tags, Panasonic succesfully encouraged people across the world to pledge support to their chosen team and at the same time dedicating their social profile to the chosen team as well.