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Creating Global Brand Growth

Making Strategies Alive

A recent client testimonial:

“I’ve had the pleasure of working with OpenBrands in their capacity as strategic business consultants on a major project including developing a corporate brand, developing a strategic consumer brand platform and a global brand strategy for three key brands including packaging design.

OpenBrands employs extremely sharp strategists with remarkable resources and insight. They grasped the project with great enthusiasm and drive and worked very hard to deliver the results that were necessary.

By clearly mapping out the process and defining relevant strategic models, OpenBrands were key in helping the business forming a new strategic platform and direction.

One of the great things about working with OpenBrands, is the large network of highly skilled people with local knowledge in a global marketplace.

I highly recommend everybody who is looking for a strategic business review as well as creative design to work with OpenBrands.”

Group Marketing Manager, Uhrenholt A/S, Denmark.

Uhrenholt A/S is a €560 million internationally working food company.

Please download the case-story for the Uhrenholt A/S project here:

Creating a Superbrand:

A key part of the project for Uhrenholt A/S, was to develop a strategic global brand strategy and creative design for three key food brands.

One of these brands is the 'Emborg' brand, which is being marketed in many different countries in the world. Emborg is also the retail food brand in Uhrenholt's brand portfolio.

Emborg was first launched in 1949, and over time has developed globally to become a recognised retail food brand in its many international markets. The brand was first marketed in the Middle East region in the 1960-ties.

The creative brand strategy was founded in delivering maximum distinction and differentiation in a crowded global market place.

Using our market knowledge and global consumer insights, Open Brands developed a distinct market positioning and brand colour for Emborg, which was not seen or known beforehand in the categories where Emborgs products were marketed globally: i.e. Dairy, Seafood, Meat and Frozen Vegetables.

The bold Royal Purple colour (as seen in the designs below) defines a superior food solution, delivering a maximum of great taste connotations to the Emborg consumer. In addition Emborg takes ownership of this new brand colour across their categories. A bold move which clearly projects a true market leader and bonds the consumers to the Emborg brand in a truly unique emotional way.

In addition a range of inspiring and enticing provenance pictures were added to the front of the design, to aid in telling the story of where the Emborg food products originates from.

Together with delicious food photography, the front of the Emborg pack is all part of telling the extended story of how focussed and well Uhrenholt and Emborg work with its supply chain, and its preference and commitment to long term relationships with its many sustainable partnerships with their global food supply partners.

The original Emborg brand mark was cleaned up as not to make any radical changes to an already wellknown brand, and to retain its historical brand equities.

The Emborg design was created in a way so it was easy for Uhrenholt to continue working with the Emborg brand implementation internally. Comprehensive brand guidelines were hence created for the client to follow throughout the implementation program. The Emborg brand covers over 300 different products, across four food catgories which each uses colour coded differentiation.

Later a 'call to action' was embedded into the trade marketing communication program and POS material to portray the brand in words.

All in all a compelling creative design, which has assisted Emborg in achieving status as a 'Superbrand' in July 2012 in the United Arab Emirates.

'Superbrands' is an international organisation, which each year nominates local/regional brands around the world for this award.

A Superbrand must represent 'Quality, Reliability and Distinction'.

A Superbrand is instantly recognisable to its intended target audience and it has established the finest reputation in its field. It offers customers significant emotional and/or tangible advantages and benefits over its competitors.

Open Brands is proud to have assisted Uhrenholt A/S and the Emborg brand cementing its posiition in the UAE market, today and for the future, and to have assisted in creating an even stronger emotional consumer link to the Emborg brand.

Download the Emborg Superbrands UAE presentation here (all rights recognized):

Examples from the Emborg brand roll-out:

The Emborg brand within the retail

environment. Distinctive and original.

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